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Uber data breach, 2.7 million users affected in the UK

It has been revealed by Uber that approximately 2,700,000 people in the UK have fallen victim to the hacking scandal that has blighted the tech giant.

This figure comes on the back of Uber admitting that around 57,000,000 people, both cutomers and drivers worldwide, have had their personal information compromised.

The Metro has reported that the breach, which occired toward the latter end of 2016 has compromised sensitive information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers. 

A few days ago it had also been revealed that Uber had paid hackers around $100,000 for the information.

Uber have said "Our outside forensics experts have not seen any indication that trip location history, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or dates of birth were downloaded. ‘When this happened, we took immediate steps to secure the data, shut down further unauthorised access, and strengthen our data security."

They then added "We are monitoring the affected accounts and have flagged them for additional fraud protection."

Sadiq Khan has said "Uber need to urgently confirm which of their customers are affected, what is being done to ensure these customers don’t suffer adversely, and what action is being taken to prevent this happening again in the future".

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