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Cabbie stabbed in machete attack

A Birmingham cabby was left with multiple bruising and a stab wound after taking on a 15 strong gang armed with knives and machetes.

38 year old Rafaqat Ali was waiting for a fare in Bristol Road South, Northfield, when he was attacked by the thugs.

The shaken cabby described how the incident unfolded to The Mirror.

“One jumped on my windscreen and the others started kicking the door. I got out and said: Come on lads, I’m just trying to make a living." Mr Ali added: “I could have driven off with them on my car but I would have been in trouble if they had been hurt. I could see lots of small knives but I’m a big bloke and I was standing my ground and I was throwing a few punches, I said: ‘I have a family’.

Mr Ali then dived into his car after seeing machetes being produced,  but not before being stabbed. 

Thankfully the courageous cabby didn't suffer life-threatening injuries.

Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting crime reference number 20BW/260577D/17. 

Editors note:

As any taxi driver or PHV driver knows, getting out of your vehicle is quite possibly the most dangerous thing that you can do, DON'T DO IT. If possible drive away and report any incident to the police. 

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