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Uber denied permission to go straight to the Supreme Court

Controversial minicab app Uber has lost its application to have its appeal relating to the landmark workers rights case heard before the Supreme Court. The case will instead be heard at the Court of Appeal.

The landmark ruling earlier this year means Uber would have to give workers rights to all of its drivers. Some of those benefits include holiday payments and a minimum wage. The cost of such benefits are likely to force the average fare up on the Uber app. It also brings into question whether the drivers should be footing the VAT on each ride.  

Dr Jason Moyer-Lee, IWGB General Secretary said "Today's decision is another blow to Ubers legal strategy behind denying workers their rights. The IWGB would encourage Uber yet again to stop wasting everyone's time and simply focus on providing minimum wage and holiday pay to the thousands of drivers who have been deprived of their rights for years"

Co-claimant and IWGB member Yaseen Aslem said: "Now that Uber had been denied permission to go straight to the Supreme Court, they should take this opportunity to work with their drivers instead of fighting them at every stage. We've already beaten Uber twice and are prepared to do so again in the Court of Appeal."

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