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European Commission; Clean bill of health for electric taxis and cars

We've heard the stories; Could electric cars cause cancer? An in-depth study commissioned by the European Commission has found like all electric devices, and indeed like all motor vehicles, they do produce electromagnetic fields. 

Eight different electric vehicles (including full electric vehicles, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles), two conventional gasoline and one diesel car have been used to study the level of the magnetic field inside these cars.

A measurement set-up made-up of a "mannequin" with sensors in the area of the head, chest and feet has been used to achieve standardised and comparable measurement results. The measurements have been done both in the lab and while driving on the road. The lab tests were also used to identify the different sources of the magnetic field inside the car. The results were analysed using the weighted field values with a filter function that reflects the frequency dependency of the reference levels for multi-frequency exposure as recommended by ICNIRP in Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric and magnetic fields (1 Hz to 100 kHz). The evaluation of these results showed that in the area of the feet the maximum exposure is 20% of the ICNIRP level for electric vehicles (at start-up) compared to about 10% for the measured combustion engine cars. In the area of the head, the values were down to 2% of the ICNIRP levels.

On the flip side there is one professor, Dr Moskowitz, who claims that the study has been created on the back of vested interests and that the ICNIRP guidelines are not correct. The professor also claims via that EMF from mobile phones, WiFi, smart meters and other wireless technology is having the same detrimental effects to our health.

However, the American Council of Health and Science have been very critical of the professor in question saying "Like 9/11 and vaccine truthers, Dr. Moskowitz knows a conspiracy when he sees one". 

So, as it stands, it's safe. It's been proven to be safe by a recognised body in Europe. 

If you're worried about electric vehicles you probably should be just as worried about the mobile you're reading this article on or the WiFi you are subjecting your family to at home. 

Long term will that change? Who knows. Petrol was safe, diesel was safe, eating bacon was safe. Now they, like most things in life, are all proven to be cancerous to varying degrees. 

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