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Uber agree £2.2 million payout with New York drivers

Controversial minicab app Uber have agreed to cough up approximately £2.2 million in an attempt to reach a settlement on a class-action lawsuit. The proposed legal action is on the behalf of 2,421 drivers in New York who say the ride-hailing firm are taking excessive fees from their completed journeys. Drivers of the much scrutinised app have said Uber breached their contract by including sales tax and a “Black Car Fund” fee which has increased the amounts owed. According to Reuters the lawyers working on the lawsuit also accuse Uber of falsely advertising the driver job role who allegedly offered guaranteed compensation without actually making drivers aware of the conditions attached to offer. The tech company heavily denies all of the allegations, but have chosen to settle now in an attempt to stop the inconvenience of litigation and escalating costs.   

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