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Bangkok Taxi driver questioned over Facebook livestream of passengers suicide

A taxi driver from Bangkok is being questioned by police after he livestreamed a lady, who had been his passenger, jumping to her death from a bridge, in what is being treated as a suicide. According to reports in the Metro Nittaya Sawasdiwan, took the taxi to Rama VII bridge which spans the Chao Phraya River, and then asked her driver, a Mr Noomsrinart, to film her as she climbed to the edge. Mr Noomsrinart, filmed Nattaya on a Facebook livestream not realising she was about to jump. Nattaya jumped to her death. Her body was found two days later by police and marine divers. Mr Noomsrinart told police officers he ended the recording as soon as he realised what had happened. Warning: some viewers may find this video distressing.  

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