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Uber’s London licence; why are they able to carry on operating?

If you go on social media and follow even just a small handful of the more vocal taxi drivers in London you won’t have to wait long before Uber is mentioned.  

Despite the positive move to not renew Uber’s operating licence many drivers still question why the controversial firm are still able to carry on operating in the capital whilst on appeal? Steve McNamara, the General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association told drivers that licensing law governs the decision made by the regulators. “The reasons given by TfL for refusing to re-license Uber were set out in their letter of 22nd September. The whole basis of their decision is that they (TfL) are “minded to think” the (Uber) operating model is unlawful, “there remain questions” about Greyball and they have “serious concerns” about Ubers lack of regard to safety. Uber have challenged all of this and now a Magistrate has to decide if they are “minded to think”, agree there are “Unanswered questions” and share TfL’s “Serious Concerns”. That is what the upcoming court hearings will determine. Had TfL revoked Ubers licence for what they are “minded to think” etc, a Magistrate would have reinstated it the same day!” said Steve McNamara.  

He went on to say “Licensing law allows that an individual or a company be allowed to carry on working until the appeal is completed or withdrawn and unfortunately, the courts system is stretched to capacity and the earliest date that the appeal can be heard is in June this year.”

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