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Uber launch new service. Will it roll out across Europe too?

Uber technologies have launched a new service which will allow customers to hire an Uber driver for an eight hour slot. The new service is targeted at business users who would require a driver on hand throughout the day. The new service named, UberHire, will first launch in Dubai. In a statement on Sunday, Uber said Dubai would be the first city in the Middle East to offer such a service. Uber said they have realised a demand for business users to have employees and associates picked up and taken from meeting to meeting, and having the same driver at hand would make this process much easier. As reported in Gulfnews , Uber said: "Our technology makes it possible for us to create specialised solutions that can help users have access to reliable transportation at affordable prices. UberHire is one such product that addresses the commuting needs of working professionals in Dubai by letting them book an Uber and use it for up to eight hours" Is this a service that we are likely to see in other cities around the world? Uber currently face a number of challenges in Europe, with a top a European court ruling that Uber is in fact a "Taxi" company and not a "technology" firm. Uber are also battling against regulators in London who have denied them a renewal licence. A court hearing for Uber appeal to TfL's decision is due in the first half of this year.

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