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Problem with the meters holding back the new TX eCity

The new TX eCity; stylish, slick, high tech, eco-friendly and rather expensive. The London icon has recently been launched and become officially available to purchase. But why are we yet to see any plying for hire? Well according to reports in the Guardian , it's all down to a fault with the meter. According to the Chinese-owned, Coventry based manufacturer, "several hundred" of the new electric TXE's have been ordered, but until the meter problem is solved, drivers will have to wait to see how convenient and efficient the new vehicle will be around London. A spokesperson has said: "The signal from the vehicles and the meters are not lining up and we are working on a solution to fix that issue. We're working to get an appropriate converter to get the vehicles licensed by [Transport For London] and over to customers" The TX eCity costs an eye watering £55,600, after a £7,500 electric vehicle grant. For a vehicle that costs more than the stunning Jaguar F-Type Coupe, all those brave enough to purchase one will no doubt expect a vehicle that runs like clockwork.  

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