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Mayor of Liverpool considering following London and pulling the plug on Uber

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has voiced his concerns over the practices of ride-hailing app Uber. His biggest concern is of the amount of out of town drivers that are flooding in to the city taking work from local drivers and failing to contribute to Liverpool's economy. According to The Liverpool Echo Mayor Anderson said "We are looking at doing even more spot checks and undercover operations to tackle rogue drivers and those who are coming to the city from elsewhere. "If we continue to see Uber drivers doing this then we will look legally at taking the Uber licence away, because they are not contributing. "We will continue to monitor it - but we are getting lots of complaints about drivers coming in from other parts of the country and having no knowledge of Liverpool." Mayor Anderson has in the past raised his concerns of government deregulation laws surrounding private hire drivers which have allowed drivers from other cities to arrive and pick up trade from the local drivers. 

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