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SoftBank may look to pull Uber from Africa and Asia to focus more on America Australia and Europe

Uber's latest giant investors, SoftBank, may be looking to pull the ride-hailings services from Africa and Asia. Rajeev Misra, a board director at the Japanese tech firm, believes Uber has a better chance of becoming a profitable success if it focuses only on core markets like the US, Europe, Latin America and Australia. According to reports in Quartz , Misra, is expected to join Uber's board of directors as part of a multi-billion dollar deal which was completed yesterday. SoftBank not only have an investment in the Silicon Valley giants, they also have investments in Uber's main rivals, Ola[India] and Didi[China]. The thought is, SoftBank may be looking to focus on markets where they will not be competing directly with "sister" investments. Estonian born, Taxify, also operate within the African market, who are backed by Chinese giants Didi, who are banked by SoftBank. You see the tangled web? No doubt, a move away from the African market will be followed by cheers from it's competitors including local traditional taxi drivers, but what does this mean for drivers in the country's that SoftBank and Uber would then turn all their efforts on? 

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