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Travis Kalanick paid $200,000 to Uber driver he was filmed abusing on vehicles dash cam

Disgraced former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick reportedly 'squirmed on the floor' during a meeting with company executives following a number of scandals, in a plea to not push him out of his position within the ride-hailing giants. Reports have also emerged of an alleged payment of forgiveness by Kalanick to a driver that he was filmed verbally abusing whilst on a journey in an Uber vehicle. The dash cam footage showed Kalanick getting into a heated debate with the Uber driver, named Kamel. It is believed that two days after the altercation that saw Kalanick storm out of the vehicle he paid a visit to the driver to apologise and according to reports in Bloomberg Kalanick also paid a sum of $200,000 to kamel along with an offer to purchase his two cars and give him stock within the company. Despite dropping to his knees to squirm for forgiveness of the board, and the huge payment to kamel, Kalanick was still urged to step down from his post as CEO by five of the company's biggest investors.  

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