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Addison Lee increase London fleet as they begin expansion plans

Private hire firm, Addison Lee, are ready to launch their booking service in over 100 cities. From Wednesday, customers will be able to book a journey from places such as Paris, Berlin and Beijing. Addison Lee, who just recently had their London licence extended to another 5 years are looking to compete on a global scale with some of it's main competitors, none more so than Uber. Expansion means more vehicles, and that's exactly what they have achieved, with a £63 million investment in brand new vehicles to join their global fleet. Chief Executive Andy Borland told Reuters : "We've effectively taken a high quality network of affiliates around the world in 100 cities and we've digitised them. "That really talks to an international traveler demographic who wants to be able to join up car services " The company will look to increase it's London fleet by around 20 percent to 6,000, by the end of 2018. With London already bursting at the seams, one has to wonder how the city's tight network of streets will cope with the additional traffic.

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