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More on May and her comments about Uber

The comments about Uber made by Theresa May, at yesterdays conference in Davos were unsurprising, given that Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was also there. It was also quite telling that she has repeated comments that were initially made around the time of the Conservative party conference. 

Theresa May is a staunch advocate of the neo-liberal, free market economy, in the same mould as Cameron, Osborne, Korski and Grayling. While this is an attractive philosophy to those who aren't directly affected by it, for those who are affected, it can unleash a nightmare from which some workers can never recover.

The comments that have been made by the Prime Minister is a clear message to everybody within the taxi industry, not just at a local level, but at a national level. The message is that Theresa May will not allow the Secretary of State for Transport,  Chris Grayling to act in relation to issues such as cross-border hiring, obtaining a definition of what plying for hire is and giving regularors the authority to cap private hire vehicles. Her comments also means that the APPG report into taxis is all but dead in the water.

Up until the cabinet reshuffle, the taxi industry had a firm allie in Transport Minister, John Hayes, with the appointment of Jo Johnson, the taxi industry have an unknown quantity.   May’s comments also mean that whatever Mayor Sadiq Khan, or more specifically Transport for London wish to try to do in relation to Uber and within the taxi and private hire industry, the Tories could attempt to scupper it  in their quest to appease Uber and attack Labour. Whilst waxing lyrical, expounding the virtues of the tech industry and fawning over Uber like some teenage girl drooling over One Direction, Theresa May has shown absolutely no consideration into the effects of those who have been on the receiving of some of the criminality involving Uber's drivers, nor any consideration to those who stand to financially collapse within the taxi industry on a national level.

Theresa May’s actions surrounding Uber, unless handled sympathetically to both the taxi industry and the private hire insustry, could end up costing the Conservative party over half a million votes.

Those votes could be vital to the PM with the local elections fast approaching. Experts have been claiming that the Tories could lose more than half of the authorities that they control in London alone. Concerns over this could end up triggering a vote of no confidence for Theresa May.

It seems as though that the self titled "strong and stable" Ms May, could, in fact, be as "weak and wobbly" as freshly moulded jelly.

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