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Huge increase in Dubai Taxi card payments. How does your city fare up?

Taxi fares paid using credit cards and nol cards (an electronic ticketing card introduced for use on all modes of public transport) grew a whopping 731 percent in Dubai compared to 2016 figures according to the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). The transactions recorded by the Dubai Taxi Corporation and franchise taxi companies hit 2.2 million. The director of transportation systems at the RTA's Public Transport Agency, Adel Shakri said: "The introduction of new technologies for payment of taxi fares through nol and credit cards could be possible thanks to the coordination with the Network International Company; the supplier of e-payment devices fitted to taxicabs." According to a report in Gulfnews , shakri went on to explain: "The number of transactions paid using nol cards leapfrogged from 13,904 transactions in 2016 to 140,115 transactions in 2017, whereas transactions processed using credit cards has vaulted from 252,426 transactions in 2016 to 2,073,119 transactions in 2017" The figures released show that the public are embracing the introduction of such payment methods and the ease and convenience of the process. Do you accept card payments? Have you seen an increase in the amount of fares being paid through this method? And would you welcome a universal card that could be used all all methods of transportation in your city? They say "cash is king", but the king is dead. Is cash going the same way? Let us know your thoughts. 

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