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Uber's new driver awareness human trafficking initiative

As Human Trafficking Awareness Month in the US comes to an end, ride-hailing firm Uber, have said they will be targeting all of it's 750,000 active drivers in it's initiative to spot signs of sex trafficking. Tracey Breeden, a former police officer who headed the program as Uber's Global Safety Communications lead, told USA TODAY: "This is a global problem that affects all our cities and communities, and we realised our drivers are uniquely positioned to make an impact" Breeden also added that the initiative will be rolled out across other countries but will take time. According to human trafficking experts the introduction of ride-hailing apps such as Uber have made it easier for such human trafficking offences to take place as it eliminates the need for the criminals to travel directly with their victims.

According to Americas National Human Trafficking Hotline, between 2012 and 2016, the number of cases recorded and calls made has totalled a staggering 34,300, roughly doubling. New York City taxi and limo drivers, by law, must watch a video on trafficking to become aware of what to look for, but Uber's new initiative is not mandatory to it's drivers.  

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