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Uber Bike share next up to hit the roads in San Francisco

As of next week Uber users in San Francisco will be able to access a new feature in its app; Uber Bike by JUMP. Customers in the pilot will be able to find and book a JUMP pedal assist electric bike directly from the Uber app.

The controversial startup who are cornering the logistical market claims “its vision for the future is one where everyone, wherever they live and whatever their income, has access to affordable, reliable transportation.”

Uber Bike is seen as an even cheaper way to travel using the app and will initially launch with 250 bikes during the pilot period.

Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research at Uber wrote “Having a greater variety of transportation modes at your fingertips helps make it increasingly easy to live life without a car. We’re particularly excited about bikes because they can provide a convenient, environmentally friendly ride even in dense cities where space is limited and roads can be congested. While it’s just one small step, pilots like Uber Bike by JUMP can add up to major progress, and we can’t wait to see how it goes.”

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