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Has the London Gett Porsche campaign gone off road?

Drivers in London have shown concern as Gett allow a “wider group” of taxi users the chance to ride in a private Porsche. 

The original Gett Porsche campaign which was launched in November 2017 promised that only around 2% of Gett’s database would receive the option to ride in a private vehicle with a view to possibly purchasing one of the German giant’s cars in the future. The campaign was said to be a short term offer lasting for six months. 

However, the Gett Porsche feature has now been included on a much broader user basis in prime position on the Gett customer app. 

TaxiPoint contacted Gett to clarify whether there has been a change of direction in regards to the Gett Porsche campaign. A spokesperson said:

“We trialed this (Gett Porsche) with a small customer base who may be interested in buying a Porsche. We saw no impact on black cab rides so opened to a wider group. Porsche rides are a tiny percentage of black cab rides and we don’t expect that to change.”

Gett, who are funded by car manufacturers VW who in turn owns Porsche, have always strongly denied claims that private hire vehicles would appear on the Gett customer app.

A spokesperson from Gett back in June told TaxiPoint:

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