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New app based electrically assisted pedicabs hit London's streets

An electric fleet of pedicabs are now available to hire on London's streets. The new service is available through a ride-hailing type app. The new fleet will hit London streets this month, with six already available at their starting station on the South Bank. Veluba, as the company is known, will charge a £3 booking fee plus £1.25 per mile according to a report in the Evening Standard . The payment will be processed through the customers app account on their phone in the same way a payment would be processed on a taxi app. The new fleet of pedicabs are equipped with seatbelts, USB ports and three CCTV cameras. A spokesperson for Veluba, Dave Berverley, said: "It's an option for short journeys in central London and a more fun way to get around the capital. We can go virtually anywhere-places that cars can't go" The new fleet of "electrically assisted tricycles" as they are known, are allowed in bus lanes and also along the cycle superhighways. TfL's head of transport policing, Siwan Hayward, said: "Pedicabs are the only form of public transport in London that is unregulated and our powers are extremely limited, but we are doing all we can to enforce against dangerous and nuisance riders"  

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