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TaxiPoint Editorial: February

So here we are February 2018 and hopefully exiting kipper season for something more palatable. These editorials, which I’m going to aim to do at the beginning of each month, gives us a chance to explain what TaxiPoint is all about and how it works. We’ve received a couple of questions in the last few weeks asking why we offer advertising and also wanting to know more about the people behind the publication. 

Advertising and the aims of TaxiPoint

In short we need advertising to reach more users. If we stopped all outside funding we’d probably reach about 3,000 regular users and TaxiPoint would run at the expense of those running it. In fact, TaxiPoint would probably shut down as the trade already has these blogs and papers in place already. We however think we can offer something different by reaching more cabbies and providing an impartial and agenda-less platform for drivers to communicate on. 

Whether it be printed ads, radio audio advertising or blog writers appearing in printed papers side by side advertisers most writers need funding to reach their audience and we are no different. 

With funding we currently have over 16,000 regular readers (54,000 different readers in last 6 months) and aim to reach all 100,000 taxi drivers in the UK in the next 3 years. 

That alone is a huge plus for everyone in the industry. Imagine having that many drivers all in one place? We are also applying for Google News and Apple News status. Google have already okayed the site in terms of the tech we use. We just need to make a few tweaks to the content and contact information we currently display. That means the trade could have a global voice for the first time worth £10,000’s each month in PR for ALL to use. Again, I hope you see the potential in that for the trade. Advertising remains open to everyone within the trade. If you would like to see a particular company appearing on our site, please contact them and alert them. We can’t force anyone to appear on TaxiPoint, but if their customers are asking the questions they are more likely to be proactive.

Who’s behind TaxiPoint? TaxiPoint is open to everyone. This is a publication that is open to all views and angles from all corners of the trade. If you want to air an opinion... write to us!

The site is run, promoted and edited by three London cabbies. You probably haven’t heard of us and that’s how we like it! An impartial publication shouldn’t be about the views of the editors, it’s about facilitating the facts and voices of others.

We are always on the look out for regular contributors to the site. Get in touch and give it a go!

Be lucky and here’s hoping for a busy February.

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