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Travis Kalanick takes to the stand for Uber/Waymo trial

Uber's former CEO, Travis Kalanick took to the stands on Tuesday as the Uber/Waymo, case headed to court. Kalanick is facing claims that himself and former top engineer at Google, Anthony Levandowski,schemed to steal self driving technology from Google and bring it to Uber to help speed up their advances into the autonomous vehicle race. Kalanick was grilled for approximately 45 minutes by Waymo's representative, according to a report in The News & Observer . Kalanick denies the claims and remained cool under his questioning, sipping a bottle of water from time to time on the stand. Way more sued Uber last year, charging it with the theft of Google technology into autonomous vehicles. Waymo, alleges that Kalanick and Levandowski conspired the theft during a number of meeting that took place. These meetings, that have been confirmed by Kalanick, were described as "jam sessions" by Kalanick, who said they discussed ways to improve Uber's own self-driving cars. Kalanick said: "I wanted to hire Anthony and he wanted to start a company. I started to come up with a situation where he could feel like he started a company and I could feel like I hired him" Travis Kalanick will take to the stand again on Wednesday for his second day of questioning. Follow the trial closely on TaxiPoint.  

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