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Who wins your heart in the battle of Valentine app promos?

It’s that time of year when love is in the air. As Valentines Day 2018 approaches we look at the three London apps and see what they’re doing to attract a bit of love back to the taxi trade. 

First up, mytaxi

Nice and simple promotion to try and tempt users of the mytaxi app into the comfort, cosy and romantic surroundings of a black cab. 25% off for current users of the app should see a fair few take up the offer.

Second we take a look at the driver-led Taxiapp.

Really interesting one from the guys and girls at Taxiapp. Speed dating in London’s finest taking in the sights of one of the worlds most romantic cities. It’s a superb idea and great PR for the taxi trade. Bravo!

Last up, Gett

Hmmm, odd one this. A taxi app with taxi users, but the promotion pushes the opportunity to ride in a Porsche on one of the trades busiest nights. Promoting work away from taxi drivers will never go down well even on a day of love and harmony. 

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