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GMB warn of consequences following Uber's licensing announcement

GMB say that there could be consequences from Uber announcement that drivers can only work for Uber in the part of the country they are licensed to work in. 

It seems again Uber are acting in what is expedient for their business model rather than others, says GMB London GMB, the union for taxi and private hire drivers, has warned of consequences following Uber’s announcement that they will regionalising the UK into licensing areas. Changes introduced by Uber on 14 March, will see drivers forced to work only in areas that are in the same ‘region’ as they are licensed in. The UK will be divided into regions that include; North East, North West, Yorkshire, Midlands, East of England, South East, South West, Greater London, Wales. Steve Garelick, GMB Regional Officer said: “It seems again Uber are acting in what is expedient for their business model rather than others. This can be seen by their current attempts to claim they are 'listening' in relation to safety matters. “Instead of having local drivers licensed by local authorities the changes allow drivers to face no way of real licence enforcement outside these areas, and leaves local taxi and private hire drivers out of pocket. “Apart from inundating London licensing with further drivers, this would lead to drivers being faced with increased insurance bills in the thousands, as well as delays in working due to license applications. “Cities such as Sheffield will continue to see drivers from other areas such as Leeds, York, Northallerton and Scarborough, working in the city, due to the sheer size of the Yorkshire ‘geofence’ Uber has created. “Uber like others to follow their path rather than respect ethical trading and licensing whilst crying foul when challenged over business practices that damage others incomes.” “By only now considering a local licensing style Uber have shown their attitude to licensing and ethics.”  

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