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Citymapper ditch their East London bus service in favour of a private hire operators license

Citymapper, East Londons official licensed bus route app, are shutting down it's fixed route service in favour of becoming a private hire operator. Transport for London has granted Citymapper a licence to operate in the capital, according to a report in the Financial Times . Details of the service are yet to be released. Who are Citymapper: Citymapper is a public transit app and mapping service. It is direct competition with Google Maps for gaining vital data for all modes of transport. It operates by a free mobile app and desktop website. Citymapper started in London and now operates in New York and covers cities on every inhabited continent except Africa. 

With the uncertainty of Uber's appeal against TfL's decision not to renew their operators license hanging in the balance, Citymapper may see the perfect opportunity to capitalise.

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