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Drivers shot dead on rank in Cape Town Taxi wars

Cape Town's taxi wars has turned into a bloodbath, with multiple victims losing their lives by gun fire and innocent school children being hit by stray bullets. On Thursday, two taxi drivers were shot dead while at a taxi rank in Langa during the morning rush. Their deaths add to two more victims, one who was shot last Sunday, and the other shot last Thursday. The incident is believed to be related to taxi routes and the battle for territories to operate in. On Thursday, five men are believed to of opened fire during a targeted attack on the taxi drivers who were at the rank, with stray bullets hitting nine schoolchildren, according to a report in IOL . The gunmen have yet to be caught and are still on the run. Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association, will be working closely with the police to get to the bottom of the attack and finally put an end to this taxi war before anymore lives are lost.  

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