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Sadiq Khan: Driverless tube trains would be “madness”

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan told London Assembly members it would be “madness to introduce driverless tube trains.  The Mayor currently under severe pressure as transport in the capital grinds to a halt and crime stats rise to new levels went on to say he would not put the public at risk "for the sake of a few pounds".  Khan, responding to questions at City Hall on Thursday, said: "Anybody who understands the basic knowledge of the underground system will know there are some deep level, deep underground services, where the idea of having driverless trains is madness. "In the interests of saving some pounds to risk the safety of Londoners, of staff and visitors, is the height of recklessness. "Where it's not safe to do so I will not do so. Where it's safe to do so of course we'll consider whatever efficiency savings that we can do."

This comment seems to have poured water on any future plans for driverless trains in the capital.

Taxi drivers are left wondering why a vehicle on a maintained track, with no obstacles would be deemed unsafe for automation, yet, a vehicle on the road experiencing a whole host of different variables is being actively pursued by government.  

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