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Unattended Lamborghini sports car crashes into London black Taxi outside the Renaissance Saint Pancr

A London black Taxi driver was left outraged and out of pocket today when a hundreds of thousands of pounds Lamborghini sports car was thought to be left without the handbrake on, causing it to rollback into the side of his taxi outside the Renaissance Saint Pancras hotel in central London. The cab driver was left unable to move his taxi off the rank to continue working and pick up fares. The owner of the £250,000, Lamborghini was nowhere to be seen. An eyewitness told the Mirror , when he arrived the sports car had been there for at least half an hour. The vehicle was left unlocked, with a member of the public pushing a button on the door causing it to spring up. 

Let's hope the owner of the Lamborghini can afford to cover any repairs needed to the taxi.

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