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Uber inspired play "Brilliant Jerks" opens in London theatre later this month

A play inspired by the trials and tribulations of controversial ride-sharing app Uber, will hit London's Vault theatre later this month. The story follows the events of three fictional characters: a driver named Mia, a programmer named Sean and CEO Tyler Janowski. The title of the play, Brilliant Jerks, refers to a quote made by Arianna Huffington, a board member of Uber. Huffington said the company would no longer tolerate employees -- usually men -- who were gifted but acted inappropriately, hence the title "Brilliant Jerks". Uber's London office has purchased over half the amount of seats available for it's launch. Maybe it's a way for it's team to see where the company went wrong in the past so they can avoid making any similar catastrophic mistakes, or maybe the company are just trying to limit the amount of seats that are available for the general public outside of the firm to purchase -- who knows -- your guess is as good as mine. 

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