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Leicester cabbie found guilty of refusing guide dog

A Leicester taxi driver has been found guilty of refusing a guide dog.

Martyn Richardson from Thurnby called a cab from taxi company ADT after an evening out in Scrapcroft, informing them that he had a guide dog.

29-year-old Zaman Khan pleaded not guilty to refusing to take a guide dog and its owner at Leicester Magistrates Court yesterday.

It was alleged that Mr Khan had said "no dog, no dog!" When Mr Richardson tried to enter the vehicle. 

Mr Richardson then claimed that he asked if he should leave the vehicle, to which the drivers reply was "yes."

The Leicester Mercury said in its report that cabbie had claimed in court that the dog had licked his vehicles gearstick and he thought that the dog might apply the handbrake.

Mr Khan was found guilty and ordered to pay a £400 fine as well as £400 towards prosecution costs, he will also have to re-apply to Leicester City Council to have his taxi license reinstated.

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