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Sadiq Khan to attack previous “chumocracy” who “enticed companies that aren't playing by the rul

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Will go on the attack highlighting the fact that regulation must keep up with the constant changes that technology has to offer.

In a speech in Austin, Texas for the South by South West festival, Khan will go on to reference the controversial private hire firm Uber who lost their licence in September 2017. The respective company is currently appealing the decision.

The London Mayor is expected to show a continued hard stance on the subject and highlight the previous chumocracy who “enticed companies that aren't playing by the rules”. 

Khan is expected to tell technology companies that they should embrace cities like London where rules and regulations exist. He will go on to highlight countries like Germany which has legislated above and beyond London in an attempt to crack down on disruptive technology. It has been noted that this is not the route Khan wants to take but it does require companies playing by the rules.

In reference to the decision taken to strip Uber of its operating licence Sadiq Khan will say they want to raise standards and not enter a race to the bottom. By taking action against Uber it is no surprise that they have only now tried to improve their image and work within the rules set. 

It is also believed that the mayor is confident that if or when Uber disappear from London, the city will attract alternative firms to supply private hire transport, but this time working within the rules and regulations. 

Khan said “In London, we've been clear with Uber and other companies - that everyone - no matter how big or small - must play by the rules. No exceptions. 

"Our economies have always needed new regulations in place to meet the needs of workers and consumers when the environment changes. Evolving economies must mean evolving regulation. And today is no different. "Rather than blaming companies for innovating ahead of regulation, politicians must fix things when the regulation is out-of-date. The question now for governments - or traditional sectors - should not be how we slow down innovation in its tracks - because we can't. And we shouldn't. It should be how we mitigate against the potentially negative impacts of disruption. And - more than that - how we can harness the very same technologies to drive up standards and to create more just and equal societies."

According to City AM Khan went on to say: “It shows the difference of having a strong mayor on Londoners has, rather than this situation where you’ve got a chumocracy, when people bend over backwards to the extent they fall over to try and entice companies that aren't playing by the rules.” 

It looks ever increasingly likely that the courts offer Uber’s only chance back into London now.

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