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Uber driver accused of rape tells court he was “trying to control himself”

Muhammad Durrani, an Uber driver accused of rape, told the court he was “trying to control himself” but gave in when the alleged victim hugged and kissed him.  

Mr Durrani, 38, is currently in court facing accusations that he attacked a drunk passenger in the back seats of his vehicle after driving her back home from a club in Clapham. Mr Durrani denies both rape and sexual assault charges which date back to July 2016. Jurors at Southwark Crown Court yesterday heard that after being let out of the Toyota car the passenger went to enter her house trying to find her keys. Then Durrani is alleged to have followed the woman to her front door, picked her up and carried her to his car where he proceeded to rape and sexually assault the woman. 

Mr Durrani was in court today defending his actions. According to Court News UK on Twitter he said:

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