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Uber drivers still operating in Southend despite new geo-fencing

Despite Uber saying it had put in place "geo-fencing" to prevent it's drivers picking up outside of designated areas, there are now rising concerns that passengers are still being picked up in Southend by drivers licensed by Transport for London. Uber, who are desperately trying to clean up their act ahead of their appeal challenging TfL over the decision not to renew their operating licence, put in place a system which prevents any driver being able to accept a job outside some licensing authority. A GPS is used to locate the driver and block any ride requests that are being made. The concern is that Uber drivers are still patrolling looking for work, and that some are even taking cash jobs which is against the law for any private hire driver to do unless the job is "pre-booked". Local taxi drivers are livid and say they have seen plenty of Uber drivers still operating in town and especially Southend airport. One driver has said that the police are unable to do anything, stating the issue as a "civil matter". Councillor Tony Cox, told the Echo-News , that he is aware of the ongoing problem and urges anyone with evidence to make it available to the council so they can address the problem. One Uber customer said he was unable to book a vehicle for a journey but has seen plenty of Uber drivers picking up, which has left him a little confused.  

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