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Public decision to be made on Uber Brighton licence renewal next week

The decision on whether or not ride-hailing giants Uber will have it's Brighton and Hove licence renewed or not will be heard in public next week. Uber had originally been granted a licence to operate in Brighton back in 2015 but did not launch their services until late 2016. Uber were subsequently re-licensed for an additional year, taking them through to 2017. Following Transport for London's decision to not renew Uber's London operating licence in 2017, Brighton and Hove town hall officers decided to just renew Uber's licence for a following 6 months, but this time with four new conditions: -Not to block officials from using the the app. -To report serious complaints to the council. -To ensure that rides booked by UBL are provided by Brighton drivers . -To ensure all UBL drivers have disability training. The additional 6 months are almost up and it's time for a decision to be made on whether or not Uber will be granted a new operators licence. Following a campaign by taxi drivers, who want to see Uber banned from Brighton and Hove altogether following a number of concerns including challenging Uber's status as an operator, the ongoing TfL appeal and Uber's failure to report sexual attacks in London, the decision will now be heard publicly. According to a report in Brighton and Hove News , well over 200,000 people have used the Uber service in Brighton since it's launch.  

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