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New lobbying record for Uber in Washington as they seek to fend off regulatory threats

Ride-hailing giants Uber Technologies Inc. disclosed federal lobbying figures for the first three months of 2018, and they set a record high for the controversial firm from Silicon Valley in Washington. Uber spent $540,000 (£385,000)in its first quarter this year, up from last years final quarter of $510,000 (£564,000)  Following Uber's most controversial year to date, which involved a major data breach, and revelations of spying on passengers and sexual harassment and discrimination claims, they have had to up their lobbying game, focusing on state capitols as it desperately attempts to keep regulators off it's doorstep. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been a busy man since taking over from the highly controversial Travis Kalanick back in August 2017, with visits to a number of different countries as he looks to smooth out major cracks left by the former Uber chief executive. Khosrowshahi made his first visit to Washington earlier this month to help rebuild relations with some high powered. Uber appointed Danielle Burr as its new head of federal affairs in January. According to a report in Bloomberg , Uber confirmed lobbying federal policymakers on legislation governing self-driving cars and the future of work and "anti-competitive activities that could limit consumers access to app-based technologies". I guess now the only question that we need to ask is: Does money talk?

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