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The GMB union withdraw from Uber relicensing court hearing

The GMB union has withdrawn from participating in the forthcoming court hearing surrounding Uber’s operating licence in London.

The union were due to be part of the hearing but yesterday withdrawn following reassurances from the ride-hailing service about health and safety issues.  

In contrast, the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association has submitted an application to extend the list of issues to be raised at the hearing due to start on 25th June. 

In a statement made by a GMB spokesperson they said:

“At a hearing on 19th December 2017, the Court granted the GMB Union permission to intervene in the appeal being taken by Uber against TfL‘s decision not to grant it a license to operate in London. GMB was granted permission to intervene on a single issue, namely that Uber’s business model operated to encourage its drivers to work excessive hours, putting public, passenger and driver safety at risk.

“Following the granting of permission, in January 2018, Uber launched its Driver Hours Policy that imposes a cap on the amount of time drivers can be ‘on trip’. In April 2018, Uber confirmed it will develop a feature that stops drivers been offered long journeys when they approach the hours cap, they will maintain the Driver Hours Policy over the course of any licence period as granted; and will continue to encourage with and report to TfL about the implementation of the Drivers Hours Policy.

TfL has confirmed that it will continue to discuss the safety issues raised by the GMB union with Uber and other operators and will consider adopting policies which are aimed at ensuring safe, active, sustainable and efficient transport in London, including policies relating to driver conditions and working hours. It has not ruled out consideration of whether TfL could use regulatory powers to address excessive working hours.

“In light of these change of circumstances,

GMB has decided not to continue with his intervention in the Magistrates Courts. It intends to monitor the implementation of these commitments, aiming to ensure they are rolled out nationwide.”

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