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Court hears London cabbie catches teenager who stole his takings

A London cabbie ran after and caught a teenager who stole his takings, the Old Bailey heard today.  

The driver, Gary Cox, chased the thief after an accomplice jumped into his taxi ‘like a gazelle’ to grab his money. 

The cabbie was hailed down by the 17-year-old and another suspect on Park Road, Marylebone who then queried how much it would be to Victoria Station.

Mr Cox told the court that one pounced on  the money bag and and fled with roughly £35 after a brief tussle. Mr Cox chased the suspect, grabbing one by the hood of his jumper before he wriggled free. “I must say for a fat bloke he ran really fast,” he said.

The driver picked out a 17-year-old in an identity parade after the incident took place. 

The trial continues at the Old Bailey in London. 

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