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Four more drivers shot dead in Johannesburg Taxi wars

Eight men, believed to be security guards, have been arrested by South African police after four more taxi drivers were shot dead in Johannesburg, in a deadly battle which has been dubbed "Taxi Wars". An ongoing battle has seen taxi drivers and taxi association executives go head-to-head in recent months leaving many dead and many more injured. 

South African police believe the hit was ordered by taxi association executives who were due to have a meeting with the taxi drivers. They suspect that the security guards were ordered to carry out the murders. A report in the xinhuanet confirmed that an investigation in underway into the murders of four men and attempted murder of six others who were wounded during the attack.  

Reports also surfaced on Wednesday of Taxi drivers clashing with Uber driver's at Cape Town airport where Uber driver's have been banned from picking up fares. An ongoing freud between the two has seen many attacks taken place, some even resulting in death.  

With South African Taxi wars at its deadliest, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Another example of money over life. 

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