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Uber driver shoots passenger dead in Denver Colorado

According to sources on Friday, an Uber driver fatally shot a passenger in Denver, Colorado. It's not yet clear what started the altercation but eye witnesses said they saw police officers performing CPR on the victim in a failed attempt to save his life. The driver and alleged gunman, Michael Andre Hancock, 29, is said to be in police custody, arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, Reuters reported. The shooting took place at around 3am local time. It has been confirmed that multiple shots were fired and the deceased, a Mr Hyundai Kim, 45, was hit with more than one bullet. Aerial shots of the incidents location showed the vehicle crashed into wall. Due to ongoing investigations Denver police are unable to give anymore details on the shooting.  

Uber's driver screening process Uber Technologies Inc have constantly been scrutinised for their lack of background checks, with a number of reports of drivers with previous criminal records gaining easy access to the drivers platform. CNN reported this week on an Uber driver named Talal Chammout, a man who had an assault conviction to his name, and a six-and-a-half year jail sentence on his record for being a felon in possession of firearms. The judge who sentenced Chammout in that case listed off a number of allegations against him: he had been accused of shooting a juvenile in the leg, seeking to smuggle rocket launchers into the Middle East, attacking his wife with a crowbar and plotting to hire a hit man. All these convictions and allegations were not enough to prevent Chammout from obtaining a licence to drive for the controversial ride-hailing app. Three months after joining the Silicon Valley app he followed one of his passengers home and sexually assaulted her. Chammout is now serving 25 years in prison. Traditional taxi firms and even some politicians globally have pushed for tighter and more rigorous vetting processes to be it place for ride-hailing companies. This may serve as a small comfort the past victims, but many would say it's too little too late  

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