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Court hears how cabbie out-punched four attackers

Liverpool Crown Court today heard how a cabbie fought back after he was attacked by three men and one woman in his vehicle.

The court heard how defendants Joanne Moore, Anthony Catharell, Thomas Gillon and Saeed Ali had choked 37 year old Eze Chukwuemba with his seat belt as well as threatening him with knives,  scissors and even a palr of crutches. He was also repeatedly hit in the attack.

The group were picked up from Scargreen Avenue in Norris Green at 1.45 am on Friday, 26th May, 2017 and asked the driver to take them to an ATM in Muirhead Avenue East in West Derby.

It was upon their return from the ATM when the cabbie was assaulted,  sustaining minor injuries.

The court heard how it was not all one way traffic as the brave cabbie not only out-punched the gang, but also managed to knock one of his attackers unconscious, thwarting an attempt to steal his vehicle.

Catharell, 41, was jailed for four years and 10 months; Saeed Ali, 41, was jailed for four years and Gillon, 47, jailed for three and a half years, 40 year old Moore received a four year sentence after all being found guilty of various offences.

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