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Uber has filed a patent for an A.I. system that will detect if a potential passenger is drunk

Uber Technologies Inc has filed a patent for an artificial intelligence system which will be able to detect the behaviour patterns of passengers before deciding whether or not they will be sent a driver. The technology is designed to monitor how someone is interacting with the app, i.e. Speed of typing, number of typos, how the buttons are tapped and the way the phone is being held. Uber claim the artificial intelligence could then detect if your behaviour is irregular and if you're likely to be drunk. The passengers location and the time of day will also be taken into consideration. If someone is trying to hail a car in the early hours of the morning from an area where there are bars or night-spots, it would suggest that the person is more likely toe drunk, and then the driver can decide whether to pick them up or not.

The patent, which has been highlighted in the Mirror , says:  

"The system receives the trip request from a user and generates a prediction about the current state of the user using the computer model. “To predict user state, the system compares data associated with the trip request to data about past trip requests submitted by the user. “Past trip information may be parameterized to a profile of the user and identify how the user activity of the current trip request deviates from previous (or "normal") behavior for that user.”

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