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Tragedy strikes the NYC cabby community as sixth driver commits suicide

Tragedy has once again struck at the heart of New York Citys taxi community, as a sixth driver takes his own life.

Abdul Saleh was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Friday, the cause of death is currently unknown.

According to Bhairavi Desai, spokesperson for the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, it is alleged that his suicide was as a direct result of the financial hardship in paying his portion of the lease on his medallion, which he shared with a partner.

It is believed that Mr Saleh was on averagw $30 to $40 down on his lease every week, and in his last week his shortfall was $300.

Mr Salehs tragic death follows on from Kenny Chows suicide a few weeks ago.

The deaths are being attributed to the lack of control on ride hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft.

Im 2015 Mayor Bill de Blasio attemptes to stem the Uber tidal wave, he was however defeated in attempting to push through his capping proposal.

The general concensus amongst many, given the spate of recemt suicides, is that there needs to be legislation reformation.

Editors note:

If you have been affected by these tragic events or are suffering from depression or having suicidal thoughts, please call The Samaritans helpline on 116123 for assistance.

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