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Google pull Uber's direct booking facility from it's Google Maps application

For an undisclosed reason, Google has officially removed the facility for passengers to book an Uber directly through its "Google Maps" application. Back in January 2017, Uber became the only ride-hailing service that had gained this "direct" feature with Google, leaving other firms such as Lyft and Gett in its shadow, but for a reason not yet explained, Google have demoted Uber back to the same feature as its competitors. Potential passengers will still be able to compare fare costs on Google Maps but they will have to then go through their own hailing app to book a vehicle if they wish to do so.

(Image:Google Maps)

As highlighted in the Verge , Alphabet's venture capital business has made a large investment in Uber's biggest U.S competitor Lyft, which may have something to do with the decision, but then again it may not. Who knows.

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