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NHS Scotland spend £15 million on taxis

It has been revealed that the NHS has spent £15 million in taxi fares over the past few years, including fares of up to £370, according to a Freedom of Information Act request.

There has now been a call to review how patients are transported on Scotland, and there have been claims that the money could be better used in other areas of the NHS.

Taxis are used to supplement patient transport services and public transport when either of those modes of transport are deemed to be unsuitable.

Despite more than £15 million being spent on taxis in three years, the Scottish national total dropped by almost three quarters of a million pound last year.

Criticism came from Conservative Health Minister, Miles Briggs, who attacked the SNP's ability to provide the resources needed by the Scottish NHS.

Public Affairs Manager, Graham Robertson, hit back, defending the use of taxis under certain circumstances.

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