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Taxi trade to learn Uber’s licence fate as judge gives verdict today

The taxi industry will hear today whether Uber’s bid to overturn Transport for London’s decision to strip them of its operators licence was successful or not. After only one day in Westminster Magistrates Court Judge Emma Arbuthnot has revealed a decision will be made today on Uber’s future in the capital.

Uber lost its licence in September 2017 but can continue to operate in the city whilst the appeal process has been exhausted. Today’s decision can also be appealed, which means the whole appeals process could take years.

The much maligned ride-hailing company based it’s appeal around changed to corporate culture and practice.

In the lead up to this weeks hearing Uber were offering to accept an 18-month licence, instead of the usual five year licences granted to operators, to prove to the authorities that it had significantly changed. However, Judge Arbuthnot said she thought 18 months "would be rather too long."

Today the court will hear from Helen Chapman, TfL's Interim Director of Licensing, Regulation and Charging, after which Arbuthnot will then give her decision. A full judgement would follow later according to the judge.

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