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LEVC electric taxi batteries set to stand the test of time

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

It’s perfectly normal to have concerns over the reliability and longevity of new technology entering the trade and in particular the drive battery. Although many concerns are based on some truth, rumours are often exaggerated. LEVC, the manufacturers of the new electric TX eCity, were keen to explain just how durable the new technology is.  

A spokesperson from LEVC said “From the outset, it was a key design objective to ensure the drive battery would last the life of the taxi, and that required the right expertise. The cutting-edge lithium-ion battery fitted to TX has been developed in conjunction with LG Chem, the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer. “Although the storage capacity of all batteries will gradually decrease over time (known as ‘ageing’), this effect can be minimised. On-board systems constantly monitor and manage energy usage to protect the battery, such as a cooling system dedicated to keeping the battery at exactly the right temperature whether operating in extreme ambient temperatures, under heavy usage or during rapid charging. In fact, extensive testing has shown that even under the most demanding operating conditions, our drive batteries retain at least 75% of their original charge capacity after 9,000 use cycles – that’s the equivalent of more than half a million miles.”

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