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Crazed Moped Rider Assaults London Taxi Passenger

A terrified taxi passenger was injured after a moped rider launched an unprovoked assault on a cab in Edgware Road. The woman received minor cuts after being showered in glass when the man leapt from his bike and began attacking Glen Smith’s taxi on Monday, June 18, at 7.30am. Glen told TAXI that he was waiting to turn left into Marylebone at the lights in Edgware Road when the moped stopped in front of him. The 45-year-old, from Loughton, said: “I’m flabbergasted to honest. This moped pulled up close in front of me and I mean close – he looked behind and scowled at me. When the lights changed to green it didn’t move and there was a toot from behind me, so I tried to edge around him. Suddenly, he punched the bonnet of my taxi and then he jumped off his moped and tried to open the door, before going to the rear passenger door and smashing the window, causing the glass to break, covering my passenger. She was asking what was going on, but I had no idea why it happened.” The attacker walked back to his bike and sped away from the scene leaving Glen to look after his shaken passenger. He managed to flag down another cab for her to continue her journey and spoke to several witnesses, all of whom agreed the attack had been unprovoked. He said: “My passenger was terrified, and I had to put her in another taxi. I contacted her later and it seems that she was cut by the broken glass – she had a small cut on her leg and was pretty shaken up by what went on. At the time I was trying to work out whether it was a road rage or a robbery – it just makes no sense. The witnesses said I had done nothing wrong and I tried to think about whether I had done anything wrong – even now to think about it. It’s lawless out there.” Glen managed to take down the registration plate of the moped and police are now investigating.

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