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Uber look to circumvent unsafe areas by patenting controversial new technology

A controversial new technology, which by-passes perceived unsafe areas has had a patent applied for by Uber.

The "safe-routing" option has onvoked fear amongst some that it could result in negative feesback for the driver.

The patent was filed for in the U.S. back in January and updated on June 28th.

The software would allow users to opt for what may be considered a safe-route, utilising third-party data to facilitate its operation.

A by-product of this software could see fares rising in accordance with varying route-parameters, such as traffic or adverse weather conditions. 

A similar applicatiin was used by microsoft in 2012, which caused major controversy, it became known as the "avoid ghetto app." 

The type of vehicle used may also become a factor, depending on any given Iber vehicles attributes,  such as age or performance.

As yet Uber are awaiting approval of the patent. 

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