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New roadsigns that detect mobile phone use hit UK roads

New road-signs aimed at shaming drivers using their mobile phones while driving have hit UK roads. The new electronic system can detect a strong signal of radio waves transmitted by the use of a mobile phone, which will activate the sign to light up and make road users aware of the passing culprit. The new system is even able to differentiate between someone who who is using their phone through Bluetooth and those through handheld use. Those who abide by the law and use their Bluetooth system will avoid the digital shaming. The road signs will not have the capability of noting details of offenders for reporting, but the idea is to hopefully deter through public shaming. One big problem with the system is that it can't detect whether or not the mobile signal it is picking up is of the driver or a passenger, which kind of defeats the purpose. The road-signs are currently active in Norfolk and if they seem to be a success will possibly roll out across the U.K. One things for sure, if they make it to London, they are likely to to be illuminated for the majority of the day with ride-hailing apps such as Uber, MyTaxi, Gett and Taxiapp being used in tens of thousands of vehicles throughout the day.


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