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Tighter regulations could be put in place to slow down the influx of Uber drivers in Brighton and Ho

Uber drivers who get licensed in Lewes could soon be required to fit CCTV cameras in their vehicles. Many want-to-be Uber drivers seek private hire licences from Lewes District Council and work in Brighton due to the ease of obtaining a licence there. An eight week consultation will now take place addressing potential changes to regulations in order to improve passenger safety. Brighton has seen an influx of Uber drivers with Lewes licences since the controversial ride-hailing app encouraged potential drivers to seek the quicker and easier route to a life behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius (other models are available). The consultation will include Hackney Carriage drivers who will also be required to fit CCTV if the new proposals are approved. Other issues being raised in the consultation will focus on which types of vehicles should be driven by private hire drivers, electric and modern hybrid engines in-particular. The question on whether drivers should attend training sessions on diversity, disability awareness and child exploitation and safeguarding will also be raised. Brighton and Hove taxi drivers staged a protest in Lewes back in March over Uber pointing future "partners" in the direction of Lewes District Council to obtain a licence, stating it as "quicker and cheaper" than it would be to access one directly through Brighton and Hove council. Secretary of the GMB Brighton and Hove taxi branch, Andy Peters told Brighton and Hove News, that the consultation and a complete overhaul of current regulations "couldn't come soon enough".

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