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Bury cab operators to invoke a minimum standard requirement

Bury's cab industry has welcomed an initiative to invoke a basic minimum standard across the region.

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, is backing the plans, and wants to go further by slamming the door shut on cross-border hiring.

Concerns have been raised over cross-border hiring countrywide due to the fluctuating regional standards across the UK, where some authorities are considered to have a more lax licensing regime than others, many authorities and regulators have considered the practise a menace sue to an authorities lack of ability to perform any kind of enforcement, as well as a potential danger to the public.

It has been reported by The Bury Times that cabbies have responded favourably to the proposals, seeing it as an opportunity, not only to raise standards, but to protect the industry from the incursion of potentially sub-standard cabbies from other areas.

There will be a three month consultation once a full set of proposals have been agreed.

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